søndag den 26. august 2012

Kaskett Huset–Round 1


* I will be playing all the houses untill Monday morning, to get them all in synch, but since some houses already are further into the week, some houses will get more or less time during this first round


Gamel: Fortune, earn 100K

Tybalt: Popularity, Become General

Julie: Family, Raise 20 puppies or kittens ( –__– )

Hermia: Family, Reach Golden Anniversary



In the beginning of the round, Hermia is actually trying to bond with her elder brother, whose people skills are somewhat lacking, and thus he rejects her… Poor Hermia, but suit yourself Tybalt!


Outside, Julie is falling hard for Romeo Mophedreng. Which doesn’t really please anyone in her family, and as you can see, Tybalt rejected Hermia once again..


When Tybalt gets the chance, he swoops in to poke poor Romeo. Afterwards Julie wacks him with a pillow, maybe to get revenge?


Which doesn’t suit Tybalt at all.. *sigh* , what a great Popularity sim Tybalt are.. He also wishes to beat up Mercutio, but he doesn’t drop by, eventhough Tybalt keeps the wish for some time..



Later that night, Julie sneaks out with Romeo. Most of her wishes in the beginning only evolved around Romeo..


Hermia on the other hand, mostly wishes to skill.



But ofcourse she also throws in a couple of Puck-wishes, like have first kiss


And Go Steady with him.. Aww, young love…



While his sisters got themselves boyfriends, Tybalt was more about the friends and partying, and so he held a party involving a lot of smutsling


And because of all that smustling, it ended like a great party..


Later on, the teen’s mother came out to hunt…


Being really mean to both of her girls…


And Gamel…. Retired and skilled while painting, wanting to sell a masterpiece… Oh well, maybe next time we will get him started on his 100K LTW…


I still suck at big houses and fulfilling wishes. Not one day did I get to fulfill all of the inhabitant’s wishes.. It really is much harder than it looks like!!!! But I got better at it in the end..


Mostly wanted to party, but also to skill. Suddenly he rolled up the UNI want, and it hasn’t dissappeared since, but the “beat up Mercutio” want has dissapeared, acutally think it got replaced by UNI..

Ending wishes: Uni, be friends with Ulla Kimmersen (a store clerk), buy handheld game and buy a cell phone.


Had a lot of skill wants, mostly cooking actually.. Maybe she is preparing her cooking skills for when she gets her own family. And then there were some Puck related wants thrown in once in a while.

Ending wishes: buy MP3, buy handheld game, buy cell phone and get a skill point.


Had some skill wants, but at first it was all about Romeo. But after she got those satisfied she turned kinda boring..

Ending wishes: get mechancic skill, UNI, get A+ and get a cleaning skill


Wanted to paint and buy stuff mostly.

Ending wishes: sell masterpiece, be bff with Goneril (who were at Tybalt’s party), buy clothes and get a bronze badge in cosmetics (since I bought the chair for him….)

Next up is Mophedreng!



So I’ve decided to begin a 5 wishes a day challenge in Veronaville too, since I’m so easily tempted, the stories from Twoys4me and Asimwen’s blogs got me hooked..

   (to be honest I’ve also started one in Strangetown, but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet Smiley med tungen ud af munden )

I’m playing the houses in the following order:

1: Kaskett (Capp Manor)

2: Mophedreng (Monty)

3: Sommerdrøm (Summerdream)

4: Bianca Mophedreng (Monty)

5: Goneril Kaskett (Capp)

6: Ursula Kaskett (Regan Capp)

7: Antonio Mophedreng (Monty)

As you’ve might have guessed, I’m using the Danish names. I’m not sure I’ll translate the names all the way through, since almost all simmers know the names of them when they see them..

I hope you’ll enjoy Smiley med åben mund