søndag den 26. august 2012



So I’ve decided to begin a 5 wishes a day challenge in Veronaville too, since I’m so easily tempted, the stories from Twoys4me and Asimwen’s blogs got me hooked..

   (to be honest I’ve also started one in Strangetown, but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet Smiley med tungen ud af munden )

I’m playing the houses in the following order:

1: Kaskett (Capp Manor)

2: Mophedreng (Monty)

3: Sommerdrøm (Summerdream)

4: Bianca Mophedreng (Monty)

5: Goneril Kaskett (Capp)

6: Ursula Kaskett (Regan Capp)

7: Antonio Mophedreng (Monty)

As you’ve might have guessed, I’m using the Danish names. I’m not sure I’ll translate the names all the way through, since almost all simmers know the names of them when they see them..

I hope you’ll enjoy Smiley med åben mund

3 kommentarer:

  1. I think the different Danish names are so cool! Looking forward to this!

  2. Perfectly okay to use the Danish names! Brings a freshness to it that makes it fun to read.

  3. Cool....one for Veronaville. I got hooked on this idea too. :)